5 Tips for Buying a Home in Naples FL

You don’t need us to explain why you should look to buy a home in Naples, FL. With a crime rate lower than 90% of Florida, a booming job market, beautiful beaches, stunning restaurants, and exciting events, this location sells itself.

Sunny Day at Naples Florida Beach
Sunny Day at Naples Florida Beach

Of course, with an average of 264 days of sunshine a year, there is significant demand for property in Naples. This is a competitive market, and you want to get ahead of other buyers. At Naples Relocation Experts, we are hometown specialists; and we have five tips for buying a home in Naples, FL.

You need to set an accurate budget

As one of the wealthiest cities in the country, residents don’t usually draw up a weekly or monthly budget. If you live here, you deserve the right to relax a little. Yet, maximizing the return from your money is essential, so you must budget when house buying.

Given the demand for homes in Naples and the volume of cash buyers, you won’t find many low-cost bargains. Prepare yourself to pay full price for a property or even a premium. In Naples, FL, buying a home isn’t cheap, but you will enjoy great value.

You must account for bills such as Home Owners Association (HOA) fees, condo bills and expenses. These vary from building and resort but range between $250 and $650 per month.

It would be best to consider property taxes when buying a home. In Naples, property taxes are more affordable than in some parts of Florida. But you’ll still likely face a surcharge of 1.2%. On a million-dollar home, this costs more than $10,000.

You’re also required to make a down payment when buying property. In Naples, you need to pay at least 3.5%. On a million-dollar house, this means you spend $35,000.

So, when you start your property search in Naples, consider the property price and all the extra costs. Even removal fees need to be paid up-front, so make sure you have enough funds when moving.

A two story Naples home with lots of palm trees and a long driveway.

Know how much space you need

Size matters in so many aspects of life, and buying a home confirms this.

You aren’t short of homes of all shapes and sizes in Naples, so it’s ideal for many households. Yet, if you want to avoid paying too much for rooms you’ll never need, work out what you want now.

Bedrooms for all your loved ones, and occasional guests, are the starting point but not all you need. Are you looking for office space, a TV room, a place to work out, or extra rooms for flexibility in the future?

If you would like to discuss the rooms you need or think you need, we will help. We have placed households like you into their forever home, and property they cherish.

Know what social life you want to lead

To get the most out of your home, live close to the things you love. Before narrowing your Naples property search, think about what makes you happy. There is no shortage of entertainment and leisure options here, so live close to what you love.


Mercato, close to Naples Park, has it all. Many people will shop until they drop in some of the biggest retail names. Then, you’ll replenish your energy with sumptuous food and drink from enticing dining hot spots. For film lovers, though, the Silverspot Cinema stands in the spotlight.

This cinema boasts of:

  • 12 screens
  • Leather recliner chairs,
  • Drinks such as wine, signature cocktails, and craft beer
  • A menu of fresh foods created by a skilled chef

If you still love life on the big screen, Naples Park presents it to you in real life.

Women walking through downtown Naples
Women shopping and walking in Naples


No matter what area of Naples you live in, you are close to some of the finest shopping experiences in the state. Yet, for a unique shopping day-out, The Moorings is a great place to stay. You live close to Tin City, a speciality shopping district with no big brands or national chains. Yes, every shop is locally owned, allowing you to give back to the community.

Best Golf Courses in Naples Florida
A club and ball on a golf course.


If you love golf, Pelican Marsh and, the Pelican Marsh Golf Club has your attention. This is a private golf club with PGA professionals. You’ll find this idyllic spot in North Naples, two miles from Gulf Coast beaches.

Golfers should also consider Tiburón. Here you can play on two golf courses designed by legendary two-times US Open winner Greg Norman.

Pool at The Villages of Monterey
Pool at The Villages of Monterey


Going for a dip in the ocean is thrilling, but the convenience of a swimming pool at home never fades. The Villages Of Monterey is a fantastic setting and its heated pool always offers a warm welcome.

Whatever you love, you’ll find a suitable home in Naples, FL.

Find an area with good schools

Good schools drive demand for homes and the price people are willing to pay. Parents want the best education for their children, and will pay for the privilege. You won’t be shocked to learn there are fantastic schooling options in Naples, FL.

Naples Park is an excellent example of a local area with desirable schools. Naples Park is in the Collier County School District, home of some of the top-ranked public schools in Florida.

Naples Park Elementary
Naples Park Elementary

North Naples Middle School is well-regarded, ranking in the top 10% of schools in the state. You also have Naples Park Elementary, which ranks in the top 20%.

The Moorings also lie in the highly-regarded Collier County School District. Gulfview Middle School is in the top 10% of schools in the state for grades 6-8, while Lark Park Elementary is top 10% for grades K-5.

Whether you have children or not, you cannot dismiss the impact of school on house prices. If you own property close to great schools, there will always be willing buyers.

So, whether your focus is on the short or long-term, it makes sense to buy a home in an area well served by schools. You will love the options available in Naples, FL.

Work with a skilled real estate agent with local knowledge

And for your final tip, it is always best to seek out a skilled real estate agent with local experience. At Naples Relocation Experts, we work hard every day to live up to our name. We have a hometown advantage here, as we live in and love Naples, FL.

We’ll do everything we can to help you find your ideal home, and then we’ll make sure you settle in fast.

Contact us to relocate to your dream home in Naples, FL or call us at (239) 269-7685.

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