Drew Josephson, P.A., MBA.

I’m Drew Josephson, a real estate agent, and relocation specialist. I was born and raised right here on Florida’s west coast.

Naples, Florida is my hometown. I went to Golden Terrace Elementary, Golden Gate Middle School, and Naples High School. Most of my childhood memories are of being outdoors. My friends and I spent long afternoons at Golden Gate Community Park playing baseball in the summer sun. My father worked at the Olde Florida Golf Club when I was little, and I was often with him when I wasn’t in school.

I loved my childhood. Being a kid, I thought everyone got to grow-up in the same kind of environment. When I was a little older and saw more of the world, I was doubly thankful for the place I was raised.

I attended college at Florida State University and graduated in 2006 with a degree in Business Management. I came back to Naples after college and started my career at a local company, Arthrex. I soon earned my MBA from Hodges University.

I met my wife and business partner, Chanel, shortly after moving back home. I was delighted to learn that she’s also a Naples local. We bonded over memories of King Richard’s – a childhood paradise with putt-putt, an arcade, and go-karts. When we decided to start our family, we knew only one city was right for us.

I never thought I would end-up in Naples. Most people dream about moving away from home and starting their life somewhere new. But when we decided to start our family, we wanted our kids to have the same idyllic experiences we’d had growing up.

Naples has exceeded our expectations as parents and professionals. In the summers, while I work, Chanel takes the kids to the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens or Sun-N-Fun Lagoon. On the weekends, we window shop at Waterside Shops or while away the afternoon at Seed to Table Market.

I’ve become something of an evangelist for the area. I quickly realized that I have a passion for helping others fall in love with it, too. Chanel and I had been investing in real estate for several years and we're always talking shop with our friends. Making real estate my full-time job just made sense.

A Custom, waterfront home in Naples, FL

Our home is a dream come true, and I want to find the same for you.

Your home is more than just a house: it’s central command for your family unit. Whether you’re single, retired, or raising young children, you need a command center that works for your lifestyle.

There is a myriad of factors you should consider when buying a home. How close is it to your work? What are the schools like? Is it in a sleepy suburban cul-de-sac, or is it a high-rise in the middle of downtown?


The perfect house in the wrong neighborhood won’t do.

I want you to love your community. Every piece of your neighborhood should fit your needs, from the grocery store to the local parks. I know Naples inside and out, and I can use my local knowledge to place you in the perfect spot. My goal isn’t just to help people find a home. I want my clients to get connected and rooted in Naples.

We want to help people, and real estate is our tool. We can improve our communities by helping people find their forever home and forever community.


I have a saying:
You are one relationship away.

Life is about relationships; real estate is a vehicle to help people connect and live better lives.

My goal is to guide every client to a home where they feel connected to their community. I’ve spoken to many couples who are leaving less-than-ideal circumstances.

Maybe Mom never really connected to the neighbors in their last home, so while Dad was at work, she felt isolated and lonely? We want to show you the possibilities in your neighborhood, so you can make your day-to-day life exciting and fulfilling.

I would never claim to know everything about Naples. I’m still learning about and exploring the area myself. That’s the wonderful thing about our city – it’s laid back and relaxed, but there are endless possibilities.

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Naples Pier on a sunny day

City Of Naples

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North Naples

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Golden Gate Estates

East Naples River flowing through a well manicured golf course

East Naples

“We clicked with Drew right away. As a native and an investor, we could tell he knew what he was talking about. Drew and Chanel took the time to get to know us as people and understand our needs. They did a great job of guiding the process. If we ever had any concerns, Drew would explain our options, and we discussed the risks.”

“Drew was great! As someone looking to buy our first rental in the area, he knew the things to consider, such as potential income and rental limitations.”

“Working with Naples Relocation Experts was fun. They were focused on our best interest and made the process easy. There were no surprises, and Chanel helped us get to know the area.”