Is Naples, Florida a Good Place to Move?

Check Out What Our Happy Clients Have to Say

Moving is much more than finding a new house; it’s integrating into the area, finding the perfect community and home, and acclimating to your new city. At Naples Relocation Experts, we exist to keep your best interest in mind for your move. We work to keep the process of relocating easy and seamless.

If you are wondering if Naples, Florida is a good place to move, you have come to the right place. We’re excited to share with you what our recent clients have to say about the area and their experience from working with the Naples Relocation Experts.

Shaun, Jennifer, and their kids relocated from Memphis, Tennessee for a job. It was very important to Shaun that his wife and kids adjusted to their new hometown city in Naples, Florida, and enjoyed the lifestyle.

Happy Clients, Shawn and Jennifer share their experience moving to Naples, Florida.

The Challenge

There are so many factors when it comes to relocating. Moving away from all your friends and family is tough to do but what makes it easier is when you meet good people and create new friendships. Shaun and Jennifer instantly felt at ease and were welcomed with open arms by Drew and Chanel, two of the relocation experts on the team.

Often times when families are relocating for work, the window of time to find a new community is limited. Shaun and Jennifer were only in Naples for a weekend and looked at 20 to 30 homes. Jennifer was interested in one house in particular but it wasn’t available for showing during their trip down. That wasn’t a worry for Drew!

A single family home in a residential neighborhood in Naples, Florida
A single-family home in Naples, Florida.

Creative Solutions

“Drew and Chanel are a wealth of knowledge and that is invaluable to folks like us who are moving from a totally different state,” said Shaun. “From restaurants, where to take kids, , they played a big part in this process and giving great recommendations.”

With only one weekend to find the perfect home in the best community, it was time to get to work. Jennifer really appreciates organization so Drew put together a booklet of homes and the area for her to review while going to and from house showings. Chanel came along too to introduce Jennifer to another mom and share some of her favorite activities to do with their kids in the area.

Naples Family Living Room
A living room of a home in Naples, Florida.

The house that Shaun and Jennifer ended up buying was a home that they couldn’t see during their weekend down in Naples. How did they know it was the one without physically being able to visit it? Drew went to the house to FaceTime the couple and sent them countless pictures. Talk about a perfect match!

“Jennifer and the girls ended up being in Naples for 6 weeks before I could move down,” Shaun said. “Chanel welcomed them into their home and hosted playdates during that time throughout the summer. Drew and Chanel played a big part in making us feel welcomed and that we were home.”

Naples Family Home Pool
A backyard pool of a Naples family home.

Hear more about Shaun and Jennifer’s journey to Naples with the help of Naples Relocation Experts. This video is a great example of how we help our clients find their perfect forever home and get acclimated to the area!

Favorite Family-Fun Activities in Naples

One of Jennifer’s favorite things about living in the beautiful area of Naples is being able to go to the beach to watch the sunset with her family after dinner. Some of her other favorite activities for families to check out include:

Boaters enjoying the Gulf of Mexico by Naples Beach.

Whether you’re moving to Naples, Florida for a new job or simply because you love the area, we’re glad you’re here. Contact us to relocate to the ultimate family paradise destination or call us at (239) 269-7685.

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