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You work hard for your money, but once you have it, it makes sense to ensure this money then works hard for you. Investment opportunities offer so much promise for people, and with the demand for homes being so high right now, it is easy to see why people are interested in investing.

We can help with investments because we invest too

One of the reasons we are so confident in putting ourselves forward as investment specialists are we have a track record, and we do this ourselves. This isn’t just a service we provide to clients; we ourselves invest in property in Naples and two recent examples are in 8114 Costa Brava Court (Monterey) and 2001 Alamanda Drive (Moorings).

We saw an investment opportunity in Alamanda and we pitched it to multiple clients. It was at least four or five if I remember correctly. We were willing to be hands-on, we provided clients the playbook on how to capitalize on the property, and we were offered to manage the project for them, but, for one reason or another, it just didn’t work out for them.

So, we bought it and by the time we were done it was essentially a brand new home.

Alamanda front yard view
Frontyard of Alamanda home

That was our first project with our investment group, and after buying that, we then identified a second property in Costa Brava, in Monterey. We saw this coming down in price, and we connected with a new agent.

Andrew was on the fence based on pictures because he was concerned about road noise echoing off of the lake behind the house.  I convinced him to just come with me to take a look.  In typical Andrew fashion, he walks in, sees the high ceilings and long lake view and says “this is a buy all day bro.” 😂

My partner wasn’t fully engaged with it, but we saw it and knew it was a buy. It didn’t need a lot of work to make it pop.

No two projects are the same; sometimes, you have to hang in there; other times, you need to act fast as soon as you.

Our relationships and contacts are the crucial factor we offer. For example, when it comes to building work, we have everything you need. Cameron, one of our partners of Blue Horizon Construction, can build a high-rise, an entertainment complex, anything you want; he knows to run projects.

Regarding investment, remaining relevant is essential, which is another part of what we offer.

Finding the deal

The Naples Relocation Experts and Compass Real Estate team standing at a kitchen counter from left to right Andrew Ventura Chanel Josephson and Drew Josephson
The Naples Relocation Experts and Compass Real Estate team standing at a kitchen counter from left to right Andrew Ventura Chanel Josephson and Drew Josephson

Every stage of a renovation or investment project is the most critical stage, but if you take a birds-eye view of the entire project, the most crucial part comes early in the process.

You need to find the deal; this is the real element for success.

There are so many factors involved with a project like this that you can’t really say it boils down to a single element. However, when you find the right deal or you get the best price, it significantly enhances your chances of success.

This is an area that really excites us; we love looking for deals and finding the bargains or opportunities for investors to make a go of.

You need to be able to execute

Of course, even with a great platform for investment or opportunity, you need to execute. We take immense pride in taking action, and bringing investment projects to life, and seeing them through to the end.

It is one thing to talk a good game or to theorize what a good investment opportunity is, but projects in real life unfold differently from how they do on paper, or even on a spreadsheet. You need to be able to do that stuff, have plans, and know your numbers, but it’s only when you bring numerous projects to fruition that you learn the lessons that help you approach every new project confidently.

We pride ourselves on our ability to execute. Whether small or large, straightforward or complicated, residential or commercial, we can do just about anything.

Investing is hard work

When you have the right people, managing the hard work associated with investment projects becomes easier. We have experience in:

  • Property management work (Managing Rentals – annual and short term (VRBO/AirBnB)
  • Traditional Brokerage – buying/selling
  • Construction & Construction Management

We have many contacts and relationships with officials and professionals in this field.

Investing isn’t easy, and if it feels too easy, there’s probably something not right; however, when you work with experienced and confident people, hard work comes naturally.

Who are the investors we work with?

We find we work best with people like us, investors like us. We see opportunities; we aim to execute as best we can to achieve success and then do it all over again. If this sounds like your mindset and outlook, there’s a strong chance we’ll get on.

We are flexible with the people we partner with:

  • If you trust us and want to give us free rein, we can do this, and we’ll work hard on your behalf
  • Equally, if you want a project you can run, we can advise and point you in the right direction

We aim to partner with the right people; this doesn’t always mean investing with money; we work closely with people who invest with time and commitment. These attributes are essential when it comes to achieving success with property investment.

We are essential partners if you are new to the area

Aerial view of Naples Communities
Aerial view of a Naples Community

People come to Naples, Florida, for many reasons. When you consider these different factors as a whole, you see why many people are interested in investing here. The same factors that encourage people to move to Naples are the same factors that buy the housing market and provide landlords, investors or flippers with a return.

We’re not saying you need local knowledge to succeed with property investment, but it helps. Of course, you don’t need to have this knowledge personally, but you should have access to it.

Our team consists of people who have lived here all our lives and moved to Naples, Florida, perhaps like you. We’ve also worked with many households who have moved here, so we know the challenges families face when moving here. We also take great pride in helping households settle here, and if you’re settled, investing in the area makes even more sense.

Key issues that matter when investing

Before you invest, you need to ask some serious questions, and if you cannot answer these questions, this might not be the right investment opportunity for you.

  • What flood zone is it? (There are loopholes that you can use, but the flood zone matters)
  • Is it southern exposure?
  • What can you do with a lot?

Ultimately, when you buy for x, knowing what you can sell it for matters. This is why each project is unique; each price and each variable determine what you can achieve, which makes it interesting. Our experience in bringing so many different projects to life means we look at each project with fresh yet experienced eyes.

Making the most of your money and opportunity

Every opportunity is unique, and it pays to be flexible when devising what plan is best for you. However, right now, we know renovation works for investors.

Your best return is on renovation; it’s a quicker and greater return. All things being equal, flip the property, but of course, you need to find the best property to buy and make an intelligent decision with all the variables.

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