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Our Naples Relocation Experts Story

[Drew] Maybe it was last year when we did some goal setting, Chanel and I said, “We want to make memories.” And when you have four kids like us and you’re extremely busy. When you’re busy with work, when you’re busy with life, a lot of times you don’t make those priorities. So that kind of helps us keep our priorities straight.

[Drew] Moving is never easy. Buying a home is always stressful, but especially for someone like us, a working professional. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone move. They got the job that they want, but it doesn’t work for the spouse. The kids aren’t happy and they leave. I’ve seen this time and time again. And a big part of that is your agent that you’re gonna connect with. Anytime someone’s new, we can always help guide them in practically anything that they’re looking for. So the best way to do that is not just focus on homes initially upfront. It’s get to know the areas, right? Is it the beach? Is it the sun? Chanel was a teacher for Collier County Public Schools for 10 years. She knows all the teachers. She knows the good schools. She knows the background. You know everybody knows Naples for shopping, dining, and then golf course. There’s golf courses galore and then boating outdoors. You name it, Naples has it. For us when I think Naples, I think family. Being born and raised here and then again my four daughters. This is home. You know, we can live anywhere we want, but we choose to be here ’cause it’s a good place to raise a family.

[Drew] We’re gonna take a ride. We’re gonna look at real estate. We’re gonna laugh. We’re gonna have fun. And we’re gonna find you a home.

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