“Why couldn’t we have met you guys sooner?”


A simple question

The Difference of Leaving And Staying Long-Term

"Why couldn't we have met you guys sooner" was the last thing a friend of ours said to us who had just committed to leaving Naples and her husband’s job after only a year in the area. The job was great, which the husband loved, but with an unhappy wife and kid, no dad or partner is going to stick around for too long.

The Consequences of Someone Leaving

This causes personal upheaval for the family, disrupting school and changing plans, and it also affects businesses.
When a company loses personnel, they experience a number of significant costs, including:

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Wasted Time and Money

Time and money spent on the hiring process, orientating, and training of the person who leaves is wasted.


Hiring Someone New

The exact time and money then have to be spent on the same processes to replace that person.

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Opportunity Cost

There is always an opportunity cost of losing an employee andthe performance drop when the role is vacant.


Time Spent Leading

Paying the wages of a lost employee is a high cost, but so was the leadership investment in their development.

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Wasted Time and Money

The time it takes to onboard a new employee and have them get in sync with your team can be a significant drawback.

Therefore, when a company experiences this loss and costs because of external factors, and nothing to do with their business or working practices, it is catastrophic.

Life Is Hard Enough When Your Not Relocating

Drew and Chanel

The question of "why couldn’t we have met you guys sooner?" was asked of Drew and Chanel. They were born and raised in Naples, FL, with their families hailing from here. Even with local knowledge and family support, they found it challenging after the birth of their second child. Juggling work and a home life with two young kids was rocky, and even with such a strong foundation, life kind of sucked.

However, with help from friends and family members, not just personally, but in opening a wider network of friends and associates, the couple found help, guidance, assistance and friendship. When you take care of the small things in life, the bigger issues slot into place.

The Impact of Community

Seeing the impact a strong network of like-minded people had on them, Drew and Chanel thought others relocating to Naples must find it even more demanding. If life was tough for them when they knew the area, relocating to Naples must be even harder.

Drew saw many talented workers arrive in the area and leave within six months to a year because they never really settled. Even when people loved their work, if their partner or kids weren’t happy, life was miserable, so they left.

Drew recalls a Director of Finance who left an excellent job in Chicago and couldn’t last 90 days in Naples. The Director likened it to the “Real Housewives of Naples”, with his wife connecting with the wrong people and their kids being so unhappy and disconnected. It all came down to not settling or feeling like they belonged, like they were putting down roots.

Our Success Story

When Shaun and Jennifer moved to the area, they connected with Drew and Chanel. Jennifer loved speaking with a local mom and learning about schools and family-friendly places and activities, not to mention the best places for an evening out for the parents. Shaun was settling into his new role at work and was pleased his wife and daughters were able to quickly make friends and feel comfortable in their new home.

Shaun said, “Drew and Chanel are a wealth of knowledge and that is invaluable to folks like us who are moving from a totally different state. From restaurants, where to take kids, they played a big part in this process and giving great recommendations.

Connections Matter

They help people settle into a new home. Jobs may bring people to Naples, but communities keep them here. That is why businesses need to place greater importance on assisting people in feeling at home in Naples.

Start With A Community

When it comes to helping employees acclimate and get their best work, the solution is to help them connect with others and gain local insights. If you significantly reduce the time it takes for a person or family to make friends, know the local area and feel at home, you retain your best employees, and get more from your workforce.

Welcome To Naples

There’s a Drew and Chanel for every new family or person in Naples. From local professionals to homemakers and their kids.

At Welcome To Naples, we bring people together and help people find their place.

The settling-in process is a major help for businesses and the families who are a part of those businesses, looking to retain their teams and help their employees build a fruitful career. Welcome To Naples does it all for you, bringing connections, friendship, and insight to you when people need it most.

Professional and Personal Growth

You’re likely doing all the proper internal steps to welcome and retain great employees. Employees want to work for you when you have inspiring managers and a company culture that people believe in.

However, even with a firm belief in your mission, managers and values, it sometimes isn’t enough.

Great workers need to see scope for growth, both professionally and personally. The best employees don’t want to feel bored in their surroundings, and they want to feel they are in the right place. This isn’t just at work; it means at home, which also goes for their partner and children. Even when you do everything right as a company, if an employee’s home life isn’t happy, they will never wholly settle.

Maintain A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Most firms don’t want to intrude on an employee’s personal life or time away from the office. It’s healthy to maintain a work-life balance. This is where we come in.

At Welcome To Naples, we ensure employees feel right at home whether they are new to the area or just feeling a little misplaced. We have meet-up events, and our group shares stories, tips, and the best places for all the family. You take care of providing employees with the best working environment, and we’ll make sure they love life in Naples.

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