What is a Naples Relocation Expert?

A Naples Relocation Expert doesn’t just help you find a home; we help you feel at home. Our team is intimately familiar with Naples’ many areas, businesses, and communities. Whether you’re moving across town, the state, or the country, our team is here to help you. 

We wanted to answer some questions about the benefits of using a relocation expert and how it can ease the transition for your life, no matter where you are coming from.

What is a Naples Relocation Expert?

We’re glad you asked! Typically once a real estate agent finds you a new home, their work is done. But not our team. As locals ourselves, we use our knowledge to help you acclimate to Naples. Whether you need a plumber or a dry cleaner, we will leverage our network so you can immediately enjoy your life in paradise. Life is about relationships, and we use ours to get people connected to their new city.

What can I expect from hiring a Naples Relocation Expert?

Relocating is so much more than finding a new home. Do you want to factor in important things like how close is it to your work? What are the school options in the area? How close is your home to the beach or downtown? What is the community like in the desired neighborhood? We know all too well that the right house in the wrong neighborhood doesn’t end well. Our team wants you to love your community and every part of your neighborhood should fit your needs, even down to your grocery store. We work to help you find the perfect place to not just call home, but to place grow roots. 

Who makes up the team at Naples Relocation Experts?

Drew Josephson Residential Realtor and Naples Relocation Expert

Drew is a real estate agent and relocation specialist who was born and raised in Naples, Florida. His job is to help people find their dream home. He is married to his business partner, Chanel, who is also a Naples local.

Chanel Josephson, a Mom, Investor and Naples Relocation Expert

Chanel is the Lifestyle Consultant at Naples Relocation Experts and also manages rental properties. She is the woman to-go-to when it comes to helping families integrate into their new surroundings, understanding the Collier County school system, and making recommendations for endless things to do around the city. 

Andrew Ventura Commercial Real Estate and Investor Relocation Expert for Naples

Andrew is an investment advisor and a commercial real estate agent. He helps buyers and sellers (residential or investors) keep a close eye on the market and also assists clients looking to place their capital or build a portfolio. 

What kind of logistics does your team handle?

We help out clients coordinate their moves, whether you are near or far. We want to make sure you have a seamless transition from your old home to your new one. Specifically, we handle navigating through the closing process; contacting a moving company; ensuring your possessions are packed; safely getting your pets to your new city, and helping you find local doctors, accountants, or lawyers. If you have large equipment also moving with you such as cars, trucks, trailers, boats, ATVs, or more, we can also successfully coordinate those transfers, as well. 

If you’re ready to make the move and relocate to one of Florida’s best-kept secrets, please contact our team at Naples Relocation Experts today. Reach us at 239-269-7685. We look forward to talking with you. 

Drew Josephson
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