Drew and Chanel walking with Jennifer and their kids through the Naples Botanical Gardens in Naples, Florida
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[Shaun] Moving away from all of your friends and family is tough to do. What makes it a little bit easier when you meet good people and you can get introduced to good people and create new friendships.

[Shaun] You know Drew and Chanel both, they’re just a wealth of knowledge and that’s very, it’s invaluable to folks like us who are moving from a totally different state. I bet we looked at 20 or 30 homes over the weekend. They had a nice booklet for Jennifer, she’s very organized.

[Jennifer] That was something that Drew connected with Chanel as far as he knew the personality I had and he was like “Chanel, I need you to come and ride with another mom so you can relate to her on the mom aspects.”

[Shaun] They were able to point us in the direction, well we know there’s a lot of kids in this neighborhood.

[Jennifer] And I even had Drew, I told him I wanted to drive by this particular house. We drove in the area at 2:50 and drove behind the bus, so that was very helpful.

[Shaun] The people that were here they, we couldn’t get a showing cause we were leaving the next morning. And they came back and did a FaceTime video, took a bunch of pictures. So he was able, he wrote a contract as such that gave us the chance to walk away if we needed to. If there was something about the house that we didn’t like or didn’t want. And that really helped out. And of course you know, we’re in the house now so it actually worked out well…

[Shaun] I had to stay in Memphis for about six weeks while Jennifer and the girls actually moved down here. So they were here without me. And Chanel just opened her home to Jennifer and the girls. And they were over at their place doing things all through the summer. Them both being born and raised in Naples, they have a lot of knowledge of the area. And just simple things like where to go for what, what restaurants are good, where do I take my kid if there’s an issue. You’ve got somebody there that has been here and they know it and they know the good people and they know who to stay away from. Things like that.

[Jennifer] There is a lot of outdoor activities here in Naples as far as the Botanical Gardens and Rookery Bay. Far as the beaches, you know the Children’s Museum. Awesome thing about living here is that you can get in your car and drive from your house and go to the beach for sunset after dinner and watch the sun set and then come back home.

[Shaun] We moved down here because of my job and if Jennifer didn’t feel like it was a home for her then that would have been a big problem. But they played a big part in making us feel welcome and making us feel like this is our home.