Finding Good Childcare in Naples

In many ways, you cannot put a price on high-quality childcare. Providing your children with the best possible start in life is essential, it’s one of the reasons you work so hard and aim to use your money effectively.

In the real world, everything has a price, and you need to find the best value solution for your budget and needs. The cost of childcare is rising, and the following two points are worth considering:

So is Naples, FL, a good place to raise a family?

North Naples family staring at sunset on the beach
North Naples family staring at sunset on the beach.

Before we get too deep into finding the best childcare options in the local area, you want to be certain that Naples, FL is the ideal place for you and your loved ones to live.

We can go into this topic in great detail; just give us a call to book an appointment, but for starters, rather than taking our word for it, why not take the word of U.S. News.

U.S. News looked at 150 metro areas in the country, and here are some of the rankings for Naples, FL:

  • First place for safety – in the whole of the US
  • Second place in where people should retire – in the whole of the US
  • 12th in the best places to live in the entire country
  • Second best place to live in Florida

There are many factors to consider when looking for a new place to live, but the place that ranks first for safety and second for retirement is worth considering. You have a place that is safe for your loved ones, ensuring your kids get a great start in life, and if you are keen to persuade parents or elderly relatives to move with you, the findings couldn’t be more appealing.

You already know you have the sunshine and warm temperature here, but now you know the location is safe, and you can set yourself up for many years to come, including those golden years you’ve worked so hard to make the most of, doesn’t Naples, FL, sound more appealing?

We know you’re starting to think about childcare solutions, and trust us, we can help.

Benefits of good childcare

Some of the leading benefits of childcare include:

  • It will prepare your child or children for school transfer
  • Childcare helps develop communication
  • Mixing with other children helps to build immunity
  • Childcare offers exposure to stimulating activities
  • There is a chance to broaden your child’s experiences and horizons
  • Placing your child with skilled, experienced and qualified childcare professionals is a safe option
  • Childcare leads to consistent care for your child
  • Social support for parents and family
  • This standard of care is more affordable than hiring a nanny
  • A higher quality of daycare is said to result in fewer behavioral issues
  • Childcare develops autonomy and independence in children
  • Childcare services offer positive role models to youngsters

And finally, but no less important, many children find childcare to be fun, allowing them to develop friendships and try new activities and games.

How to find good childcare

Teacher playing with kids
Teacher playing with kids.

Some of the steps you should take in searching for good childcare include:

  • Compile a list of prospective childcare centers
  •  Examine reviews and recommendations to compile a shortlist of suitable options
  • Speak with the centers and visit them if you can
  • Make a decision

When laid out like that, the process seems simple, but of course, there is a lot of work involved. This is where Naples Relocation Experts helps. We can undertake this work for you, and we are more than happy to give you the benefit of our expertise; as local property market specialists, and as parents.

Questions to consider in your research, and that we can help you with:

 How much does childcare cost? (In Naples, and across Florida)

The Winnie database, as of mid-July 2022, lists the average monthly price for full-time daycare in Naples is $899.

The CareLulu database lists the average monthly price for full-time daycare in Naples as $572.

How many childcare providers operate in Naples?

At the time of research, the Childcare Center US database lists 89 daycare centers in Naples, FL. The Care.Com website states there are 575 childcare providers in Naples, FL.

It is positive to see so many childcare options in the local area, but it is difficult for people to review this number. This is why we are here to assist you determine the best childcare options for you, if you move to Florida. 

Is there a prominent location for childcare providers in Naples?

There is a good spread of childcare providers across Naples, but there are some areas which have a few options to consider. The area between 100th and 108th Avenue, just off US highway 41 has a few centers, including Grace Community School, Learning Tree and Small World Early Learning Center.

Either side of Cape Sable Drive at Radio Road, you have the Nest Early Learning Center and Kinder Kair Child Care Center.

We are confident whether you look for childcare provisions close to home, work or any other location, there will be a suitable option in Naples to consider.

What ages is childcare available for in Naples?

Typically, the youngest age a center will care for a child is at six weeks old, and childcare facilities typically tail off at the age of five, in preparation for children starting school.

At the time of review, July 2022, the Winnie website states 2 Naples, FL day centers provide care for children aged less than 6 months.

 Is weekend childcare available in Naples, FL?

While daycare centers are more commonly associated with Monday to Friday services, there are some Naples, FL options to consider, with the website stating more than 50 local childcare service providers operate at weekends.

If you require weekend childcare, this must form part of your search criteria, and we are more than happy to provide further information.

Is transport available with childcare?

This isn’t something offered as standard by childcare providers in Naples, FL but some centers offer it; either ongoing or on an ad-hoc basis. Even if you have a steady schedule, there are times you deviate from the norm, and perhaps need additional support in ensuring your kids make it to or from childcare.

If this is important to you, make sure it is a significant factor when reviewing your childcare options.

What health and safety requirements are relevant for childcare in Naples?

If you are keen to review health and safety requirements for childcare in Florida, you can do so here:

An important issue is that all childcare facilitators who are part of the School Readiness Program must have a minimum of one inspection each year. 

What are Florida state requirements on the teacher to student ratio?

In Florida, for Pre-K and Grades K-3, the required teacher to student ratio is 1:18.

Happy kids smiling on rug elementary school
Happy kids smiling on rug elementary school.

Reliable childcare options in Naples, FL

Anyone can search for childcare facilities in Naples, FL online, and this should feature as part of your research. Input from people who have used a service is always of value.

Of course, you shouldn’t always take online reviews at face value, which is why we go further to provide you with insight as to the best childcare options for you in Naples.

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