How We Help You Maximize Your ROI

Our team at Naples Relocation Experts firmly believes that the relationship we build with our clients and peers only adds to our strengths. With bespoke strategic partnerships in the realm of real estate investment, realtors, consultants, and investment clients combined create support that can maximize your ROI for all parties involved.

What role should a realtor play?

A good realtor can make a good deal, which is fantastic for everyone involved. The realtor’s role comes down to the relationship they craft with their clients. A good agent will have knowledge of an area as well as connections to match their clients with the right consultants to maximize potential ROI for all parties involved.

For example, we recently connected with a realtor in a nearby office. We had the opportunity to work with them before and were excited when we had the chance to work with them again. They reached out to a client, a developer from another state, who was looking at new construction neighborhoods with an 8 million dollar luxury home in mind.

Realtor on the phone as he discusses how to maximize your ROI

Thanks to our working relationship, our realtor connection knew that our expertise in developmental properties, specifically Naples, would be a good match for his out-of-state investment client. While the client had an idea and money to invest, our realtor/consultant team helped clarify the finer details that come along with knowing the local area intimately. The realtor knew that his client would “click” with the Naples Relocation Experts team and in turn, secured a longer-term working relationship with the said client while guaranteeing them a more profitable investment. This also strengthens our working relationship and adds to our partnership in supporting and building the local business community. 

What role should the investor play? 

The role of the investor has quite a bit of flexibility. Some investors are happy with a hands-off approach, allowing realtors and consultation firms to handle the details of an investment. Other investors want to be more hands-on, with realtors and consultants playing more supporting roles. 

Both approaches to investing are valid and have opportunities for increased ROI for all involved parties with the right team in place. 

The hands-off approach can work exceptionally well with the right partners and a relationship built on trust and communication. 

The hands-on approach allows for more eyes on a project and the opportunities to lean on each others’ expertise and increase profits overall.  

An Example: 

We recently had the opportunity to be more hands-on with an investment for the client. Andrew connected with the client, who had initially worked with a realtor without a consultant team. They purchased a couple of villas that had been damaged during Hurricane Ian. These villas were in amazing locations, one was in the Villas of Park Shore, and another in Colonnade, where the property market is extremely limited and competitive. The investors purchased the properties on the recommendation of their realtors and began renovations. However, since the renovations started, they have run into permitting issues and have been sitting on the properties longer than they had wanted or anticipated. Andrew and the Naples Relocation Experts team have since stepped in. These clients are from out of state and have asked our team to take control to get them out of the current investments so they can start over fresh in other local investment opportunities. 

Where does Naples Relocation Experts fit in? 

When we work with a client, we tailor the experience to each part of the individual party. Our responsibility, along with our realtor partners, is to ensure that the investors we work with are making wise choices for their portfolios that will maximize your ROI, as well as the profits for everyone involved. We pride ourselves on being open with communication and very vocal not only when we expect success but also when we believe that an investment is not in the best interest of our clients. 

Investor smiling as he shakes realtor's hand after discussing how to maximize your ROI

We like our partners to decide the level of our involvement

We are flexible in our work and happy to take a hands-off or hands-on approach according to our client’s wishes. 

When we start to work with a client, we sit them down and ask: 

  1. What is it that you see in the area?
  2. What percent return are you looking for on this investment? And is that based on debt or no debt?
  3. How much capital are you looking to allocate? And how long do you expect the capital out?
  4. How hands-on do you want to be?

Depending on their answers and the money a client brings to the table, it will open our discussion and allow us to dive further into the nitty-gritty, such as financing, bank selection, and more. It is from this that we craft our approach.

Our favorite clients are intelligent, savvy, and familiar with the real estate market but may not know the area as well as we do. A sharp eye can help bring to light things we may not notice since we are in the market daily. As an example, most people who have been in the local Naples market for ten or more years may not be as adventurous as investors new to our market. 

An Example: 

Take, for example, Naples Park. Many people already investing in the community look at Naples Park and don’t necessarily care about the homes in the neighborhood. Instead, they see that end-of-life homes that need to come down to make room for new properties. Working in these neighborhoods every day can sometimes cause land blindness. However, a fresh set of eyes may look at Naples Park, or any other location, as a community ripe with opportunities for upgrades and new construction investments. Fresh perspectives such as these help challenge our own habits and norms, help us break out of our comfort zones, and allow us to see maximized potential for everyone involved. Park Shore is the neighborhood it is today because of thinking like this. 

Ready For Naples Relocation Experts To Help You Maximize Your ROI?

We like to focus our work on development deals and transactions with regular agents that we like and are easy to work with and know we are in the development space. Top producers for success are those who have good knowledge and experience but lean on us for our specialty knowledge. 

The Naples Relocation Experts reviewing potential properties together that can help you maximize your ROI.
The Naples Relocation Experts and Compass Real Estate team standing at a kitchen counter from left to right Andrew Ventura Chanel Josephson and Drew Josephson

When it comes down to it, it is our job to guide and protect our client’s investments and maximize ROI for the entire team. Contact Naples Relocation Experts today to see if we are the right fit for your investments in the Naples area and beyond. 

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