The Benefits of Private vs. Public Beaches in Naples, Florida

Looking for luxury? Seeking solitude? Breathtaking beauty? Or you may have picked out simply must-have amenities for your perfect day at the beach. Whether you are looking for a day filled with adventure or lavish luxury, Naples, Florida, is sure to deliver you to your perfect beach dreams. To help you pick the perfect beach for what you’re looking for, it may help to understand the benefits and differences between having beach access to private vs. public beaches.

What is beach access? 

Family walking along beach near the Pelican Bay private access
Family walking along beach near the Pelican Bay private access

Beach Access refers to entry points, pathways, and parking made available for beach property. 

Beaches are for everyone! The Public Beaches of Collier County

Public beaches are generally owned by the government at local, county, and state levels, with access open to the public. No membership fees required for access. Parking fees may apply. 

Naples Pier

Naples Pier is a public beach located in Naples, FL, on the Gulf of Mexico. Picturesque views and Florida charm are on display at this favorite of locals and tourists alike. The pier is open 24/7 and offers ADA beach access, showers, restrooms, and even concessions! 

Post-Hurricane Update

Naples Pier saw extensive damage during Hurricane Ian. During this time, only a limited portion of the Pier is open to the public. Concessions are currently closed for repairs, and fishing is prohibited. More information is available here.

Lowdermilk Beach Park

Lowdermilk Park is home to white sand beaches, volleyball courts, a playground, and oodles of park tables and benches for all of your picnicking wants and needs. Visitors to Lowdermilk will need Resident or Visitor parking passes that can be purchased at Naples City Hall. Some Pay-by-Space parking is available as well, though it is extremely limited, especially during peak season.. 

Vanderbilt Beach Park

Vanderbilt Beach Park is one of the busiest spots for locals and tourists, and for good reason. This northern Naples beach is in a prime location, close to many luxury hotels and more! Be prepared for a hike to the beach from the parking garage and plan your beach funiture and accessories accordingly! Amenities include restrooms, foot showers, bike racks, and life jacket rentals. Ensure to arrive early when visiting in peak season; the parking spaces fill up quickly! 

Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park 

If you are looking to find the best seashell treasure-hunting experience in the area, Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park has you covered. Search the sands and waves of the Gulf of Mexico with the spread of seaside activities this park has to offer. It is no surprise that the lot fills quickly during peak season!

Experiences available included hiking, boating, geocaching, and more. Beach amenities include beach wheelchairs at no charge, restrooms, and nearby parking, mere steps from the beach, for a small fee.  for a small fee. 

Seaside Luxury: The Private Beaches of Collier County

Private beaches offer limited and exclusive access points and additional amenities included with a membership. What sets private beaches apart, though, are the additional amenities, from bathroom and shower access to private clubs, dining, and, in some cases, umbrellas and chairs.

Private beaches mean, well, more privacy. Amenities are maintained with focused care, and membership fees bolster offerings that breathe an air of luxury into these beaches. Generally, there are two types of private beach membership: deeded and pay-for-private

Deeded Private Beaches vs. Pay-for-Private Beaches: What is the Difference?

A family walking along the sandy white beaches with a luxury home in the background.
Walking a private Naples beach behind homes.

Deeded private beach access is included with the purchase of a property. It is often a part of the original neighborhood and community planning. Owning a property in a deeded beach community gives access rights to specified beaches and amenities. Similarly to an HOA, some additional membership fees may apply. Pay-for-private beaches do not have any residency or property requirements. Instead, access and amenities are granted with a membership fee. 

The Best of Both Worlds

There are a handful of beaches in the area that offer both public access and private access. 


Deeded Private Beach With Public Beach Access

Seagate offers relaxation with small-town charm in this community made up of under 100 single-family homes. With both deeded private access and public beach access available, this beach is sure to feel like home. Seagate is within walking distance of boutique shopping and dining and is sure to feel like home while still having many of the amenities of larger beaches. 

Park Shore

Deeded Private Beach With Public Beach Access

Park Shore Beach Park is located just outside of downtown Naples. This beautiful stretch of beach requires a park pass issued by the Park Shore Association for the main entrance and additional facilities but also offers two additional public access points. Check out their membership information.

Private Beaches: True Floridian Luxury

Port Royal 

Deeded Private Beach

Port Royal has beautiful waterfronts and luxurious golf opportunities. With gorgeous natural surroundings and opulent homes, a membership to this private beach will surely make you feel like royalty. Port Royal Beach Club memberships are extraordinarily exclusive and sought after in this prestigious community. and have an initial membership fee of $100,000 with annual dues of $8,900.  

The Moorings 

Deeded Private Beach

The Moorings in Naples boasts multiple waterways for boat-related activities. This quiet neighborhood offers a peaceful oceanside escape for the most luxurious relaxation the Gulf Coast offers. 

Pelican Bay

Deeded Private Beach

Pelican Bay is three miles long and divided into North and South Beach locations. The North Beach is perfect for those seeking a peaceful haven. The South Beach is better suited to family and lively gatherings. This extravagant private beach is staffed to meet all your needs for the perfect day on the ocean. Amenities include indoor and outdoor dining, cabanas, lounge chairs, umbrellas, a full-service bar, and more!

Pay-For- Private Beaches  


Pay-For-Private Beach

LaPlaya is the most exclusive beach club membership in Naples. With different tiers of membership opportunities, members can craft the lavish experience they will enjoy most. Take the opportunity to indulge in three sumptuous dining experiences available only to club members at Tiki Bar, BaTiki Bar, Baleen Restaurant, or Golf Grille. Other amenities include Full-service staff, a private club pool, concierge services, spa services, and more. 

The Floridian Beach Club 

Pay-For-Private Beach

The Floridian Beach Club is located in northern Naples and will surely have something for everyone. Beautiful sands stretch into azure waters, and a lounge chair is waiting for you. This private beach club not only grants private beach access points, but with a calendar full of events from wine tastings to live music, there is sure to be something to entertain you and your loved ones. 

The Ritz-Carlton Beach Club 

Pay-For-Private Beach

The Ritz has long been synonymous with luxury, and The Ritz-Carlton Beach Club is no exception. This club, located on Vanderbilt Beach, offers fine dining and air-conditioned bungalows. The list of amenities stretches on in an impressive list of splendorous indulgences that will make you feel like royalty. 

Don’t know what beach or beach club is right for you?

Looking for the right fit for you and your family? No worries! The Naples Relocation Experts are ready to help you find the perfect fit for you and your loved ones! Contact Us Here.

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