What Amenities Make A Good Investment Property Great

Where Amenities and Investment Opportunities Come Together

Naples is a veritable paradise with no shortage of amenities to match and the perfect locale. Partnered with the right experts is an ideal place to begin your real estate investment journey. Luxury homes in exclusive neighborhoods such as Park Shore, Moorings, and Pelican Bay boast waterfront views, club memberships, and more. The average property value has increased by nearly 85% in the last four years. Coupled with a steady increase in population and a growing need for housing, the area is rife with opportunity.

Highly Sought-After Amenities in the Naples Area


Beaches are one of many amenities that bring prospective buyers and vacationers alike to Naples, Florida. According to the Naples’ city website, the city’s coastline spans nearly 9 miles, with over 30 beach access points. While many of these beach access points are free to the public, private beach memberships can be an asset to any investment property. 

Family walking along the a private beach, which is one of the amenities near their luxury home
Family walking along beach near the Pelican Bay private access

Memberships can have a higher investment cost, but as a driving part of tourism, they can make your property more desirable and, in turn, more profitable. 

Location, in comparison to the waterfront, can also affect value. While a waterfront property is a romantic and excellent idea for vacationers, additional flooding and weather risks are associated with the coast’s proximity. Research related risks and partner with local experts to ensure your beach property is right for you. 

Golf Club Memberships

Naples is a noted golfer’s paradise and home to close to 90 different golf courses. Just under a third of these courses are public courses, whereas the rest require club memberships in order to play. Golf course memberships in the Naples area are more sought after than ever. In the years pre-Covid, you could join a majority of Golf Clubs with little to no wait or approval time. Post-Covid is an entirely different story. 

With the increase in Naples residents and demand for membership access experiencing a massive boom, many new golf course memberships are tied to deeded properties. In many cases, the easiest way to secure a golf membership is to buy into a condo that has the membership deeded with it. The disparity was marginal in previous years, but it has since skyrocketed to 20-25% as the demand for golf memberships has increased specifically due to how limited they have become. 

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Things to Keep in Mind When Considering An Investment Property & Its Amenities

Amenities like exclusive clubs, golf memberships, and beach access can be excellent boosters that drive sales and increase rentals. Still, it is essential to take both costs and risks into consideration. Unnecessary amenities can increase costs through inflation, HOA fees, and additional dues. When you join a community, the HOA fees often help cover needed renovations to keep clubs updated and courses maintained. However, poorly planned renovations can drive costs higher for everyone in the neighborhood.  

Golfer using golf course on warm sunny day as one of the amenities near his luxury home
Golfer watching golf ball after hitting ball

There is a reason that Naples is a vacation destination. Snowbirds traveling are a shoo-in for the winter months of January through April, and full bookings are easy. Offering rental properties with exclusive amenities such as golf or beach memberships allows your renters to be a part of an exclusive community and networking opportunities that will make your property stand out from others. Keep in mind HOA restrictions, as they can impact cash flow with additional renters’ fees. 

Vacation rentals are an excellent way to break even on a property. The most money is made with asset appreciation. You can increase the value of your property with renovations, updates, and increasing energy efficiency for the property itself or the amenities that go along with it. 

Find the Right Naples Neighborhood for Your Investment

As Naples natives, our team is passionate about the area and its neighborhoods, not because it’s the basis for our business but because it is our home. We are ready to match you with the right community for you and your investment needs. 

Park Shore

Imagine the perfect sunrise morning, sipping at your hot coffee and looking out over the balcony to white sand beaches as you let the peaceful choir of lapping waves ease you into a new day. You have big plans for the day after all: an outing to the Gulfside Boardwalk and just down the road for a spot of luxury shopping, a lunchtime reservation at M Waterfront Grill, and then it is back to the beach for a spot of sun and even perhaps some time out on the water.

This is an easy reality in Park Shore that boasts amenities like waterfront properties with gulf access, the private Gulfside Boardwalk, and private and public beach access. Park Shore is a quiet, non-tourist area composed of Residential and long-term rentals only. 

Property in this desirable neighborhood is sure to strengthen any portfolio and help drive profits, as limited inventory and high demand will have clients seeking you out to have a chance at a piece of paradise. 


Perhaps the perfect day starts with an early tee time at the Moorings Golf and Country Club, wrapped up with lunch in the clubhouse to celebrate that birdie you hit on the sixth hole or ease the pain of the double-bogey on the 9th. With Moorings’s golf course being exclusive to those who own or rent property in the neighborhood, there is plenty of time to work on that swing and get closer to finishing the course under par, as well as meet people and make connections in the social club environment. Moorings also boasts several absolutely gorgeous waterfront properties as well as parking for residents at Mooring Beach Park.

These amenities make Moorings a solid investment for increased profit, almost by the golf club alone. Combined with easy water access and beautiful views, Moorings properties are rife with opportunities to build profit for any portfolio.

Pelican Bay 

Looking for even more to connect with people and build relationships over a shared activity? Pelican Bay boasts not only three different 9-hole, par 36 golf courses but also an active tennis community with regular matches, mixers, and more. Pelican Bay perfects personal connection with opportunities to meet new people and network in a luxury-forward neighborhood. Two private beach clubs, North Beach and South Beach, stretch along the coast, and waterfront views from the homes and condos are unbeatable. From professionals to retirees, Pelican Bay properties are sure to appeal to all clients and are a sound investment to increase overall profitability. 

We Can Help

Andrew Ventura Drew and Chanel Josephson are the Naples Relocation Experts
Andrew Ventura Drew and Chanel Josephson are the Naples Relocation Experts

No matter what type of investment property you are looking into, the Naples Relocation Expert team can help you find the perfect property from several diverse neighborhoods to start or expand your portfolio. 

Reach out now.  

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