10 Things You Need To Know Before Relocating To Naples, FL

With sunshine, a booming job market, and a low crime rate, you don’t need many other reasons to relocate your loved ones to Naples, FL. Yet, before you bring your family to this fantastic Florida city, there are several things you need to know.

At Naples Relocation Experts, we are local specialists determined to place you in the right home and location here in Naples. We know the area, and we get to know what you need. Naples, FL, is a family-friendly area, and when you value comfort, convenience, opportunities, and living your best life, there are many fantastic spots that are right for you and your loved ones.

To find out more about the key factors that make Naples your ideal home, contact Naples Relocation Experts today, and check out our 10 things you need to know before relocating to Naples, FL.

Cost of Living In Naples

The cost of living in an area is a factor for every homebuyer, but it is crucial for families. It is one thing to buy a home, but you also need to budget for the lifestyle you want to lead. Naples provides fantastic opportunities for all families and people of all ages, so budgeting for year-round expenses is essential.

A regular cappuccino costs $4.67 in Naples, FL, with the US average standing at $4.43. A 12 oz bottle of water is $1.41 in Naples, FL, while in the US, the average cost is $1.58. Even at this basic level, there are variations in the market where Naples, FL, is more affordable than the US average.

A similar outcome is present for utility bills, with the baseline set for a 915 sq ft Apartment. In Naples, FL, the expected monthly internet bill is $74.00, and in the US, the average is $67.55. Whereas for your basic utilities, such as garbage, water, cooling, heating, and electricity, the Naples, FL average cost is $105.53. This is more affordable than the US average of $171.34.

The likely property size in Naples, FL, is more significant than this average, so utility bills will be higher, giving you a good starting point to work out your costs.

When buying property, the average price per square foot to buy an apartment in Naples, FL, is $373. For the US, the equivalent price is $123. There is a significant price difference, but understandably, there is a considerable difference in quality and value for money.

This isn’t a surprise. Most people are aware that Naples, FL, is one of the wealthiest cities in the country. With savvy shopping, you can lower your regular spending without compromising on quality.

So, some elements are more expensive here, and some costs are more affordable. Preparing your budget and finding ways to shop for less without compromising quality will help you find a fantastic home in Naples.

Job Market In Naples

The job market is always a critical factor to consider when relocating. Even if you have a good job lined up, seeing opportunities across the market is comforting. You never know when your circumstances might change, and if you have a young family, you want them to find jobs when they grow up.

If you live in an area of high employment, there are more social options, catering to a local population with disposable income.

So, it is comforting to see so many sources state the Naples, FL, job market is flourishing.

Naples radiologist reviewing x-rays.
Naples radiologist reviewing x-rays.

The tourism and hospitality sectors are in huge demand locally, generating jobs for residents. Healthcare is a crucial local industry, with positions such as radiologists and medical technologists paying well and offering great opportunities.

With tech, IT, computer systems analysis, finance, and insurance posts also readily available, a broad range of jobs is available for all skill sets and interests.

Some interesting points about the economy and job market in Naples, FL, are seen below:

There is cause for optimism about Naples, not only now, but in years to come.

Education System In Naples

The standard and availability of schools will always be essential for property buyers. Families focus on education, and it is vital they find the right home which grants access to a suitable standard of education for their child or children.

Children walking to school.

The following schools are all highly regarded in the pre-kindergarten through fifth-grade levels:

  • Pelican Marsh Elementary School, located at 9480 Airport-Pulling Road, Naples, FL, 34109
  • Corkscrew Elementary School, located at 1065 County Road 858, Naples, FL, 34120
  • Sea Gate Elementary School, located at 650 Seagate Drive, Naples, FL, 34103
  • Laurel Oak Elementary School, located at 7800 Immokalee Road, Naples, FL, 34119
  • Vineyards Elementary School, located at 6225 Arbor Boulevard West, Naples, FL, 34119

Mason Classical Academy, located at 3073 Horseshoe Drive South, Naples, FL, 34104, caters from prekindergarten to 12th grade, and North Naples Middle School, located at 16165 Learning Lane, Naples, FL, 34110, is for students between the 6th and 8th grade.

Transport Options In Naples

Even at peak times, traffic in Naples isn’t an issue for those used to city or town living. Yes, there are cars on the road, and sometimes the traffic lights thwart your ambitions, but you won’t feel the anger or frustration so many commuters experience.

US Route 41 starts off in Miami, making its way through Naples, FL, running all the way through to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Whether you know the Florida section as the Tamiami Trail or Alligator Alley, it’s a brilliant route to drive with many stunning sights.

In 2020, Naples Airport ranked the Top 10 of most departures at private U.S. jet facilities. It’s a busy airport, getting busier, but a well-designed traffic system means there is no trouble getting in or out of the airport. At just 4km from the airport to the heart of the local business district, this is a convenient airport, offering plenty of chances to jet in or out.

For public transport in Naples, rely on the Collier Area Transit service.

Where To Eat And Drink In Naples

It won’t surprise you to learn seafood is hugely popular in Naples, FL, not to mention extremely tasty. Restaurants continually listed in the best places to eat include Mediterrano, BALEEN Naples, Lamoraga, Watermark Grille, and the Lima Restaurant and Pisco Bar.

Cars driving in downtown Naples, Florida.
Downtown Naples at night.

Brooks Burgers on 9th Street S is an excellent choice for something more straightforward that you know the kids will love. It isn’t far from Downtown Naples, and walking from there will do just enough to work up an appetite.

There is going to be something for everyone, and the right place will depend on your taste and what you are in the mood for. We have some favorite places that you’ll regularly find us in as you’d expect.

The Best Beaches and Resorts In Naples

Given that Naples is home to some of the top beaches in the US, you should feel confident that there is a beach ideally suited for your needs. For sight-seers and taking things easy, Naples Pier is an excellent choice. If your time at the beach is part of a wider day-out, Vanderbilt Park is ideally situated for shops and high-end restaurants.

Downtown Naples Pier in Collier County, Florida.
Naples Pier in Southwest Florida

Anyone looking to commune with nature and wildlife will enjoy Clam Pass Beach Park. This is the leading spot when it comes to marine life and beach wildlife. If your idea of fun at the beach is based on sports and exercise, Lowdermilk Beach Park is number one on your list. The volleyball court is a hugely popular space, but the picnic area is brilliant for families if you are more interested in fuelling up than burning off energy.

The Best Places To Shop In Naples

You know there is no shortage of shopping opportunities in Naples, and you’ll find a place to feel right at home. It is no surprise to see some of the most upscale shopping landmarks here and names like Louis Vuitton and Gucci amongst the leading designer brands in Naples, FL.

If you are interested in boutiques that serve more independent products, Third Street is the place to go. You’ll also find art galleries here, making for a bohemian day-out. Also, make your way to 10th Street if you want to find thrift stores and the finest antiques available in the city.

A shoe store with shoes on display while shopping in North Naples.
A shoe store with shoes on display while shopping in North Naples.

When it comes to North Naples, Mercato is always worth visiting for dining and retail experiences. We’re more than happy to say North Naples is where it’s at, but when it comes to the great atmosphere and popular spots, Mercato is really where the local area comes alive. It’s more than a retail experience, it’s a destination brimming with energy, and all social opportunities. With activities for kids and pets, karaoke, dancing, trivia and so much more; you’ll do a lot more than dine and shop in Mercato.

The Most Popular Sports In Naples

With 92 golf courses in Naples, Florida, and enough to reach 100 within 20 miles of the city, there is no denying golf is the most popular sport in this part of the country. Whether you play for fun, exercise, competition, or network, you have a brilliant range of golf clubs.

Whether you are a casual player only looking for an occasional round or intend to fill your spare time on the tee, this is one of the greatest cities for golf in the US.

For a slightly different pace of activity, pickleball might be the sport for you. Naples, FL, is the home of pickleball, hosting the US Championship and seeing hundreds of games played each week.

Pickleball enthusiasts feel at home whether you want to watch, play, or both. If you’ve never tried the sport before, give it a go, you’ll love the simplicity and fun.

To be honest, if you love outdoor living and activities, you won’t go wrong with Naples. Boating is a popular past-time, as are associated activities such as fishing, diving or anything else you can do inside or around a boat.

Naples is not a location where you want to sit indoors if you can help it, and the most popular sports offer great reasons to socialize with others outside.

Why Gated Communities Are So Popular In Naples

As there are so many gated communities in Naples, there are clear reasons why so many people enjoy the lifestyle associated with these places.

Security is a massive factor, and the presence of guards deters a lot of crime. Crime figures are low, so you can feel confident about taking walks or caring for your belongings at home. Also, with reliable security, the value of your property is likely to keep rising.

The Villages of Monterey gated entrance.
The Villages of Monterey gated entrance.

Privacy is also a crucial factor in why people live in gated communities. You are less likely to have interlopers peering into your premises or loitering on the streets outside of your home. Relaxing at home or in your garden is great comfort in life, and you’ll receive all the privacy you need in Naples.

Add in features such as a quiet area, the chance to meet like-minded people, play sports or enjoy exercise on your doorstep, and it’s easy to see gated communities are for everyone.

The Features That Make Naples A Great Place To Retire

You don’t need to be of retirement age to think about retiring. If you’re a person who plans, there is no wrong time to map out your future. Alternatively, you might be keen to welcome mature family members to the area where you are living.

There is no denying the presence of grandparents is brilliant for children and the elderly themselves. So, many families who own property in Naples, Florida, also look for retirement homes to bring elderly relatives. There is great comfort in having loved ones around you, and the following factors ensure Naples is an ideal place for people to retire:

  • The weather is sublime, and with over 250 days of sunshine every year, the climate is welcoming for the elderly
  • Exercise and sporting activities are geared to all ages, not just the young and mobile, so mature people will find ways to remain sporty and healthy
  • A reliable healthcare system and leading hospitals provide added comfort for those who require assistance in maintaining their lifestyle and health

Naples, FL, is a fantastic place for everyone, and families can base themselves here for generations. However, it is an area that regularly tops the list of best places to retire in the US, and you don’t need to delve too deep to see why.

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Ready To Relocate To Naples, FL?

The above guide is a reasonably comprehensive list of reasons to relocate to Naples, FL. We love the local area, helping people find their ideal home and settle into the place. We pride ourselves on acting fast, and with purpose. We build a relationship with you that allows us to use our knowledge and expertise in the most effective way for your requirements. When you are ready to relocate to Naples, FL, we are local relocation specialists.

Contact us today to arrange an appointment and start your move to Naples, FL.

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